The Author

Thank you for taking an interest in Kirk Smoothy’s first novel.

It’s a proud moment for the young author to see his story fully realized. It’s given him the confidence to know that he has the potential to write dozens of novels. Which will be his goal, to write and publicize all the adventures he wishes to tell. From sci-fi to horror, I hope to make them all a reality…

Did I just refer to myself in the first person? Urgh, dang it! Sorry folks, cats out of the bag; turns out I was writing my own biography.

But in all seriousness, I don’t really care that much to talk about myself. I honestly hate it when people stare at me in the street, and most of my job is driving a Ford courier around a big-arse shopping centre. I might have some strong opinions, in my opinion, but I don’t care enough these days to construct a snappy post that might get a few ‘recognition points’. I’d much rather focus on telling a whole range of stories, some very loosely based on real events in my life, family and friends. I really hope you enjoy my tales.

Please check out my book and leave your thoughts in a review. 

Thank you.

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