Elora’s Elixir (Blog)

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One thought on “Elora’s Elixir (Blog)

  1. Written in third person of voice, Rise of the Sinking Warrior follows the journey of our protagonist Elora Magdove in the tropical region of Kimgantuar of Eodoa. The book amalgamates the elements of fantasy, adventure and thrill. The plot is suspenseful that not only keeps you on your toes but keeps your adrenaline rushed through well crafted action. Dragons, spirits and more find a place in this story and gives it a fascinating shape. The impeccable hold of the author over her craft is clearly visible in the world building. The vivid descriptions and the intricate details give you a cinematic experience. The characters are detailed and it was easy to associate the events with them. Eelora’s was specifically extremely inspiring and I happened to fall in love with her. Though I the novel is over 500 pages, the lucid style of writing combined with a compelling plot makes you fly through the pages. Can’t wait to read the next book in the series!!!

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