Elora’s Journey Begins


An Action Packed YA, Containing Plenty Of Fun & Dark Fantasy Moments.


Twenty-one illustrations mark every chapter from the book in a strange significance.

Explore the World

Kimgantuar is a tropical region full of happy people. The strength in their army and civilians has shaped a prosperous capital city. Be delighted by the friendly locals!

About The Story

Since working as a paranormal investigator at the royal palace and working on a cure for “half curses” Elora has been putting her abilities to good use. Until now…

Will her suspension ruin her reputation and put the kindgom at risk?

Can she regain their trust?

Elora vs Banshee backcover edition.

Phia-aka Warriors March

Theme song

P.S. The fantasy world I’ve created is based my own original creation. Species have been inspired from other works and myths from across the world. Events from the story come from my love of history, and by no means should represent current events or politics.

(Currently very far into the sequel. I will make a special announcement upon completion)

Happy Reading!

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